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Forcedly updates the top-right Scrivito menu.


With Scrivito.extendMenu, custom menu items may depend on an external service, which requires asynchronous communication.

Scrivito automatically updates the top-right menu on every content-related change, however, other asynchronous changes are not automatically reflected. In such advanced cases, Scrivito.updateMenuExtensions comes to the rescue.

Whenever a state change in your application affects a menu extension, call Scrivito.updateMenuExtensions. This forces the menu extensions to be re-evaluated. Afterwards, the menu will be in sync with the application’s current state.


Conditionally show an “openStatistics” menu item. The menu item must only show up if the HTTP API listening at “/api/adminToken” responds with an OK status:

let userIsAdmin; Scrivito.extendMenu(menu => {  if (userIsAdmin) {    menu.insert({ id: 'openStatistics' });  } }); userIsAdmin = (await fetch('/api/adminToken')).ok; Scrivito.updateMenuExtensions();

Enable a “betaFeature” item only after the user executed the toggleBeta() command in the browser console:

Scrivito.extendMenu(menu => {  menu.insert({ id: 'betaFeature', enabled: !!top.isBeta }); }); top.toggleBeta = () => { top.isBeta = !top.isBeta; Scrivito.updateMenuExtensions(); }