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Measurable Success - White Paper

Editor’s Guide

Learn how to use Scrivito as an editor

  • About In-Place Editing
    What is in-place editing, and how does it work? Learn about Scrivito’s editing controls like the top panel, the sidebar, and widgets. 
  • Published Content & Working Copies
    Working copies are for adding and editing content. Learn about the changes list and the working copy controls in the sidebar.  
  • Collaborating Using Workflows
    Learn how to benefit from workflows guiding the editorial cycle.
  • Creating, Copying and Moving Pages
    Learn about the basic and advanced functions available in the page menu like creating, duplicating, copying and moving pages. 
  • Comparing Changed Pages
    The changes view mode lets you conveniently compare changed pages in a working copy with their published version. See how it works!
  • Using Widgets and Editing Their Properties
    Widgets are building blocks for all kinds of content you can place and freely arrange on pages. Here’s how to use them.
  • Using Navigations and the Hierarchy Browser
    Scrivito’s automatic navigations and the hierarchy browser are cool tools for quickly accessing and maintaining pages and the site structure they form. Learn how to use them!
  • Managing Resources Using the Content Browser
    Scrivito's Content Browser is a powerful tool for managing content. It lets you set the properties of objects in the CMS, supports filtering, searching and tagging, allows you to edit images, and much more.
  • Editing Page and Widget Properties
    Pages and widgets have properties associated with them, e.g. a background color or image, or SEO-related data. Learn how to set properties using the built-in editors.  
  • Selectively Publishing Changed Content
    Learn how to publish just some of the changes that were made in a working copy by transferring them to a different working copy.
  • Handling Intermediate Changes
    Concurrent changes to content in different working copies require your attention when publishing them. Here’s how to discard, override, or merge edits that were applied in parallel.
  • Restoring Content using the Publishing History
    You can access previously published working copies, e.g. to revert unwanted changes, either completely or selectively. Here’s what Scrivito’s publishing history has in store for you. 
  • Working with Multiple Websites
    Scrivito supports working with more than one website. Learn how to switch sites, adjust site assignments, and copy/paste or move pages across sites.
  • Restricting Pages to Logged-in Visitors
    Scrivito lets you restrict pages to logged-in visitors. Learn how to use this feature and what it effects.
  • Changing the Look of the Example App
    This short tutorial demonstrates how the basic look and feel of the Scrivito example app can be customized without changing the code of the application.

Watch our 2 minute introduction to Scrivito’s user-friendly WYSIWYG editing interface

Supported browsers for editing

  • Google Chrome: latest 2 versions
  • Mozilla Firefox: latest 2 versions
  • Microsoft Edge: latest 2 versions

Browser support for viewing websites built with Scrivito is much broader, as it reflects ReactJS requirements.

Learn how to develop your own website with Scrivito and JavaScript

Get started!

Download or clone the Scrivito Example App and start exploring it.

Customize the Example App!

You can use our fully fledged Example App as a basis for your own website.