Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» White Paper
Measurable Success - White Paper

Enterprise Class Web CMS

The Digital Backbone for Your Websites and Apps

  • CMS Scrivito scales with your needs

    Run multiple web projects, integrate everything using APIs and serve content to any channel from a single content hub.
  • Deliver results quickly

    Build web projects rapidly using customizable widgets, serve content through a global CDN and edit content with a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Gain peace of mind

    Scrivito is software as a service (SaaS) CMS and doesn’t require any IT maintenance. It’s flexible and meets the highest security standards.

For the Enterprise

  • CMS as an enterprise-class service (SaaS)

    Assure enterprise-class service scalability, reliability, customization, and security for your business. Scrivito is a ready-to-use enterprise Web Content Management System that is provided as a software service on world-class infrastructure.

  • Omnichannel including responsive and mobile frontends

    Scrivito is a decoupled/headless CMS. It can act as an enterprise-wide content hub and deliver digital assets to any channel or application you connect to it by means of powerful APIs.

  • Multi-tenancy as a shared service

    Create as many web projects as you like, on-demand, with just a couple of clicks. Decide whether you want to separate the tenants or share some or all of the digital assets between them.

  • Very high security and scalability standards

    Scrivito works 24/7. All maintenance is carried out during operation. As serverless software, Scrivito offers a high degree of security. Don’t worry about load peaks, Scrivito scales automatically.

For the Editorial Team

  • Low learning effort (WYSIWYG interface)

    Enterprise web CMS Scrivito offers a powerful and user-friendly WYSIWYG interface. Don’t waste your time on extensive training or reading complex documentation. The frontend is so intuitive that everyone can start with web projects right away.

  • Workspaces, collaboration, and authoring workflows

    Change as much content as you need in WCMS Scrivito. Working copies offer sophisticated concurrency control and assure consistency before publishing. Everything can be undone. Real-time collaboration is organized across the working copies and via customizable workflows.

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)

    Store, share, and organize all kinds of media assets from a single content management system accessible around the globe. In web CMS Scrivito images are adapted automatically to the end user devices. Lazy loading is supported.

  • Fast page loading through global CDNs

    For great user experience, your website should respond quickly to your visitors. Enterprise CMS Scrivito offers pre-rendering and delivers your content blazingly fast via a global Content Delivery Network (CDN).

For the Development Team

  • No maintenance due to SaaS and SLA

    Enjoy peace of mind thanks to serverless, cloud-based Content Management System. Scrivito runs on AWS. No patching, no downtimes, no backups - it’s all taken care of. Availability is defined by an SLA.

  • Extendable and highly flexible (API)

    Simply use API and build your application as you want it. Integrate any service with enterprise CMS Scrivito using third-party APIs – Package your frontend code into a widget, which can then be easily placed anywhere on the site by editors or reused in your next project.

  • Headless/decoupled CMS (Content Hub)

    Deliver your content across the entire organization, to all channels, from a single source using a rich API and microservice architecture. Use the “head”, customize it, or build your own.

  • Development with JavaScript (ReactJS)

    There is no need to learn a proprietary language or to hire resources that are highly specialized. We’ve built web CMS Scrivito using the most popular, supported, and tested technology to make it easy to develop: JavaScript and React.

Learn WHITE PAPERS JAMstack for Web Projects «Faster, More Secure and Easier Web Projects» Download Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» Download Meet SCRIVITO LIVE Digital:Relaunch, Berlin: March 22nd & 23rd, 2021 (in German) Online Marketing Rockstars, Hamburg: May 4th & 5th, 2021 Talk CONTACT SCRIVITO Do you have any questions about CMS Scrivito? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to get in touch with you.

Why Web CMS Scrivito is Better for the Enterprise Security: CMS Powered by AWS Thanks to the secure serverless approach, you can say goodbye to patching and security updates, and focus on developing. Scrivito is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides highest levels of security and scalability for your website. Zero maintenance: Serverless CMS Web CMS Scrivito is 100% maintenance free, you’ll never need to update your servers because you don’t need any. The Scrivito team is constantly monitoring, managing and developing to ensure that your site is always safe, secure and available – all the hard work is done for you, so you can focus on what you’re best at. Extendable: Headless/Decoupled CMS Scrivito leverages cutting-edge technologies like the headless approach, Facebook’s ReactJS and the Jamstack principle. You can build sites immediately, and with a little knowledge of HTML & JavaScript, you have complete freedom to create anything. Cost effective CMS: Flexible Pricing Plans Scrivito is a complete solution enabling you to build the next generation of websites and web applications. It provides a flexible payment model: You only pay for the resources you need. Unmatched WYSIWYG in-place editing With Scrivito, you can place content directly on the website, exactly where you want. Thanks to the modular widget approach, editors can flexibly build pages without having to call a developer for help. And with its built-in preview, you can see how your site looks on different devices like mobile. Web CMS Scrivito Enables Real-Time Collaboration With legacy solutions, one needs to maintain multiple installations for development, staging, production, ... Not with Scrivito! Working copies let you edit your website content collaboratively and independently – without impacting your live site, giving you full control over what gets published and when. It’s like Google Docs for websites.

Create Websites in Minutes with Enterprise Web CMS Scrivito Editors love Scrivito – because its WYSIWYG editing lets them place content directly on the pages, exactly where they want it. Drag and drop content anywhere, WYSIWYG style Auto saving as you type Working copies for collaborative editing and automatic archiving Customizable permissions Versatile Content Browser for organizing all your media assets

Scrivito News 7 Reasons for an Enterprise to Consider Using a Modern CMS The search for a new Content Management System in an enterprise can have many triggering events. Let’s have a look at the top reasons why a company replaces its CMS. What Exactly Is the Scrivito Example App? It’s a web application that was built with Scrivito and is thus equipped with highly intuitive and convenient content editing tools plus a selection of page types and widgets. The Top 10 Qualities of a Future-Proof Enterprise Web CMS Digital transformation requires an intensive dialog with the stakeholders, in which data is collected and used to develop the website. This is why today’s websites are more dynamic software applications than static media. Customer stories

Facts and Figures large enterprise customers 150+ countries served 50+ strong team 70+ years of innovation 25+

What Customers Say About Enterprise Web CMS Scrivito We cannot get enough of Web CMS Scrivito’s usability. WYSIWYG editing lets us place content directly on a site. Thanks to enterprise SaaS CMS Scrivito, we could integrate content marketing easily with our eCommerce engine of Drizly. Enterprise Web CMS Scrivito is at the forefront of the current JavaScript web development revolution. There’s a lot of things we can do with SaaS CMS Scrivito at our agency that would be way more complicated with other platforms. Faster time to market for our web-sites – we are really proud to use Web Content Management System Scrivito.

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