Scrivito CMS for Marketing Departments

Acquire and Delight Customers Easily

With Scrivito as your CMS for marketing, you provide visitors with attractive, compelling websites and applications that make a lasting first-class impression through an excellent user experience. This can help you attract more customers, increase your conversion rates and lead your online marketing strategy to success.

Unique Digital Experience Platforms

Scrivito lets you develop digital offers that perfectly suit your business, your customers, and your processes. This not only includes simple websites and applications, but also state-of-the-art digital experience platforms (DXP) that meet the highest customer expectations.

Omnichannel Without Limits

As a headless/decoupled CMS, Scrivito is designed to deliver content to a variety of different channels and devices – for example, websites, ecommerce portals, voice assistants, smartphone apps, smartwatches, IoT apps, and TV apps.

One System for All Your Projects

With Scrivito you can manage all your web projects and apps with a single system. For instance, you can create new websites with a few clicks. By using Scrivito as a central content hub, you can share digital assets across multiple projects.

Screenshot of Scrivito, the CMS for marketing

Main Advantages for Marketing Departments

  • First-class digital experience platforms
  • Diverse channels and end devices
  • Central content hub for all projects
  • Convenient digital asset management
  • Short time-to-market for new projects
  • Excellent usability for editors
  • Unlimited country websites and languages
  • Optimized for high Google rankings
  • Short loading times for lower bounce rates
  • Easy connection to marketing tools

User-Friendly Digital Asset Management

Using Scrivito as your digital asset management (DAM) system, you can make any type of file, such as photos, videos, or documents, available worldwide in one central location. This provides users with a digital library that gives them quick and easy access to all approved assets.

Short Time-to-Market for New Projects

Marketing departments often need to respond quickly to new requirements, changes to content marketing strategy or changing market conditions. Using Scrivito as a CMS for marketing helps you do this: New projects and campaigns can be launched in no time at all, even without the help of developers, depending on the type of project.

Country Websites and Multilingual Content

With Scrivito you can offer your websites and applications in any number of languages. The CMS natively supports the content management for multilingual projects, and you can run all country sites from a single system with no additional expense. The marginal cost of additional country sites is zero.
Loading times of the marketing CMS Scrivito

Optimized for High Google Rankings

A search engine optimized website attracts customers who might otherwise never have found you. Scrivito offers all the technical prerequisites for high rankings on Google, Bing etc., for example through short loading times, optimization for mobile devices and the provision of structured data for

Publish Content Quickly With Scrivito Database Access

Editors save a lot of time and increase their productivity tremendously with access to Scrivito databases. Pages can be created, edited and published in just a few clicks. Editors can perform all steps themselves and do not need the assistance of web designers or developers.

Short Loading Times for Low Bounce Rates

The content of your websites and apps is delivered performantly via a global content delivery network (CDN). This means that the content is always as geographically close as possible to the users and is loaded at lightning speed. This often reduces the bounce rate.

Simple Connection to Third-Party Systems

Scrivito can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT landscape and connected to CRM, ERP, marketing automation or shop systems, for example. By connecting your Scrivito-based website to your CRM system, leads are captured immediately and transferred to your lead generation process. This enables the automation of your marketing activities.
OMR Reviews badge for the enterprise CMS Scrivito

"Top Rated": OMR Reviews Awards Scrivito

The software review platform OMR Reviews gave Scrivito the “Top Rated” award in the category Content Management Systems in March 2022. Our enterprise CMS is far above the industry average in all categories, such as “user-friendliness”, “meeting requirements” and “customer support”.

  • Be Productive Immediately

    Scrivito’s excellent usability and the clearly structured and easy-to-use editing interface (WYSIWYG) allow you to use the CMS without lengthy training sessions.

  • Highest Scalability and Availability

    Your websites and applications are scalable as needed. Global availability is 99.95% even during extreme load peaks.

  • Real Time Collaboration

    Multiple editors can work on a page simultaneously, make individual changes, and invite other team members to collaborate.

  • Workflows for Approving Content

    With content workflows, you always have full control over when and who can publish which content.
  • Connection with Analytics and Optimization Tools

    To precisely analyze visitor behavior, you can use proven analytics and marketing tools like Google Analytics, Matomo or etracker.

Are You Ready to See Scrivito in Action?

Customers About Scrivito CMS

In this video, Nico Rehmann, managing partner of the digital agency asioso, talks about his experience with Scrivito as a CMS for marketing.

Are You Ready to See Scrivito in Action?