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Scrivito is proudly made by JustRelate Group



The Binary class represents the data stored in a binary attribute of a CMS object or widget.

Static method summary

Instance method summary

  • Returns the length of the binary data, in bytes.

  • Returns the content type of the binary data, e.g. "image/jpeg".

  • Prepares the Binary instance for copying.

  • The file name of this binary data.

  • Checks whether the binary should not be publicly accessible.

  • Returns the metadata of the given binary.

  • Selects a version of an image based on the provided definition.

  • The original version of a binary.

  • The raw version of a binary.

  • The URL for accessing the binary data and downloading it using an HTTP GET request.


The FutureBinary class represents the data to be stored in a binary attribute. See Binary.upload and Binary#copy for details.

Instance method summary

  • This performs the actual upload or copy operation and stores the FutureBinary instance in the specified Obj.