New in 1.41.0 (BETA)


Indicates whether the current user is logged in as a visitor.


Booleantrue if the user is logged in, otherwise false.

isUserLoggedIn versus currentUser

Scrivito.isUserLoggedIn is reactive, whereas Scrivito.currentUser isn’t, meaning that isUserLoggedIn is available immediately and guaranteed not to change during the application’s runtime, i.e., until the browser is reloaded.

In contrast, currentUser should only be used inside Scrivito.connect or Scrivito.load, and first needs to load the user data. So if a React component renders while data is still being loaded, it may occur that even though isUserLoggedIn is true, currentUser temporarily returns null until the data has been loaded.

If the Scrivito SDK recognizes for a user that their logged-in state changed to logged out, e.g., after logging out in a different browser tab, or because the session expired, it triggers a reload of the current browser tab, so that the application is restarted with isUserLoggedIn set to false. This ensures that the application logic never has to wait for the result of isUserLoggedIn, and is not required to handle the case that the value of isUserLoggedIn may change.