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Editor’s Guide Learn how to create, edit, manage and publish content using widgets, the Content Browser, working copies, and all the handy tools Scrivito’s editorial interface has in store for you. Developer Documentation Quickstart Guides Extending the Example App (Basic) Extending the Example App (Advanced) Key Concepts Integrations Web Development Guides Advanced Use Cases Going Live with Netlify JS SDK API Reference The Scrivito JavaScript SDK lets you access and render your CMS content from within your app. It is based on React.

Scrivito Ruby on Rails SDK Documentation Ruby on Rails SDK In addition to the serverless JavaScript version, Scrivito also supports Ruby on Rails.  The Scrivito Ruby on Rails SDK makes your CMS content accessible to your Rails application. The SDK is a gem that provides everything needed for rendering this content. There are, for example, helpers for rendering navigations, or methods for searching and handling the results. The SDK also includes the functionality for editing content in place. Rails SDK Release Notes

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