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Comparing Changed Pages

Comparing Changed Pages

Scrivito offers two handy tools for comparing a page with the currently or a previously published version of it.

Comparing an edited page with its currently published version

If you are in a working copy, you can compare the current page with its published version by selecting the “Changes” view mode on the top bar. This enables you to review edits before the working copy in which they were made gets published. If a page is new in the working copy, i.e. doesn’t exist in the published content, every widget on this page is marked as new.

Comparing a currently published page with its previously published versions

If you are viewing the published content, you can compare the current page with any of its versions that have been published in the recent past. This is a convenient way to trace back the alterations the page has undergone in the course of time.

The previously published version of the page to be compared with the currently published version can be selected using the “This page” tab on the “History” sidebar panel. Using the “All Content” tab, all of the recent publishes in the history are accessible.

How edits are indicated

After activating the “Changes” view mode, the various kinds of changes made to the current page are indicated using distinct widget frame colors and handle icons, depending on the type of the change that was made.

Generally, changed widgets have a blue frame and handle (in the top-right corner), the latter showing a  icon. With widgets displaying a binary object, e.g. an image or a video, the new content is displayed.

If the contents of a widget displaying pure or styled text has been changed, the added parts have a green background, and the deleted parts are stricken out on a reddish background.

New widgets, i.e. those that have been introduced in the selected working copy, have a green frame and a handle showing a  icon.

The frame and handle of deleted widgets are red, the icon shown is , and their background is striped.

A repositioned widget is displayed at its previous as well as its new position. The former is indicated by a red frame with a striped background, the latter by a green one. The icon shown on both handles is .

For finding the pages to compare in a working copy being reviewed, the changes dialog, which can be opened via the working copies sidebar panel, is available. Also, the pages to which changes have been made are flagged with a  icon on the hierarchy sidebar panel.