Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» White Paper
Measurable Success - White Paper

Selectively Publishing Changed Content

Scrivito’s working copies are handy for making changes to website content indepen­dently of other users. No matter how much you changed, you can publish all of it in one final work step. But what if you’ve accumulated a considerable amount of changes and suddenly need to publish just some of them? Maybe, your company’s terms of service or the landing page you’ve just finished unexpectedly gained importance and need to be made known to your website visitors as soon as possible. However, you cannot publish the working copy containing this content because the rest is still work in progress.

In situations like these, Scrivito lets you move the changes made to specific pages or other CMS objects to a different working copy which can then be published instantly. Note, however, that changes can only be moved if the editor is permitted to edit in the working copy. This is not the case if, for instance, a workflow is active and the editor has requested a publish.

Now, as an example, assume that Paula has authored a special offer landing page she needs to publish immediately. So she opens the changes list of her working copy to move this landing page to a different working copy:

In this case, all of the changed content in the working copy is new, but even if Paula had touched existing content, she could still move any of the changed parts to a different working copy.

So, Paula clicks “Move changes”, which lets her select the items to move:

Next to the “Sensational Special Offer” page, Paula selects “special-offer.png” because she remembers having added this image to the page. Afterwards, clicking “Select target working copy” lets her choose an existing or create a new working copy to incorporate the changes she wants to publish:

Paula decides to create a new working copy, “Special offer LP”, so she types its title into the input field and clicks “Create”. Scrivito then moves the selected items to the new working copy and reloads the changes list of the current working copy. As you can see, the items Paula moved are no longer included.

Paula clicks “Done” to close the changes list, then she selects the “Special offer LP” working copy and publishes it right away. Afterwards she continues her work in her “Marketing” working copy.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to move CMS objects that have already been altered and published concurrently without first clarifying which changes to keep and which to dismiss. Such items are grayed out in the selection dialog.