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Custom Domain and DNS Settings

Custom Domain and DNS Settings

When your Scrivito website is created at my.scrivito.com, it is deployed to our partners at Netlify. Of course, we would love for you to continue to use the scrivito.net subdomain, but we understand you probably want to have a domain of your own. While you are free to host the JS and HTML code wherever you like, these instructions will reference the setup for using your Scrivito website with Netlify. If you do not already own a custom domain, you will need to buy one with a domain registration service.

Claim your tenant in the Scrivito dashboard

If you have not already, claim your Scrivito website on Netlify:

  1. Go to your website settings at my.scrivito.com.
  2. Choose the “Deployment” tab.
  3. Click the CLAIM YOUR SITE ON NETLIFY button.

After clicking the button, you will be directed to Scrivito’s portal on Netlify. From here you can log in or create a free Netlify account.

Changing domain settings in Netlify's dashboard 

From your Netlify dashboard:

  • Select which website you wish to change.
  • Click on the Domain settings button or choose “Settings” > “Domain management”.
  • Click the button to “Add Custom Domain”. 

The Netlify documentation has additional details.

Adding a custom domain

The basic steps to set up you custom domain are as follows:

  • Select your custom domain.
  • Add the custom domain to your Netlify site.
  • Configure your DNS provider to point the domain to the Netlify servers.

Once you are done, there will be a warning shown in this section until you verify the DNS configuration.

Changing your DNS or registering one with Netlify

At this point, you have two options. You can use your own (any other) DNS service, or you can use Netlify’s. They have a very thorough explanation of all the caveats of each choice in their documentation. Once again, we recommend using Netlify’s service as it is the most robust option, but the choice is yours.

Clicking on each of the “Check DNS configuration” links will provide an explanation of the next steps based on the domain chosen.

Using built-in Let’s Encrypt certificates or uploading custom ones

Once you have configured and verified your DNS, it is highly recommended to set an SSL certificate. And guess what? Netlify can set it up for you right from their dashboard.... for free! Thanks to their partnership with Let’s Encrypt, they will set up an SSL certificate for you in 2 clicks. Of course, you can use your own certificates as well. Just select “Set Custom Certificate” in the SSL/TLS certificate section of the Domain management page.

In summary ...

  • Claim your site on the Scrivito Dashboard, “Deployment” tab.
  • Input the custom domain in the Netlify dashboard, “Domain management” section.
  • Change your DNS settings and verify.
  • Set an SSL certificate.

Depending on the process and choices you make, the full transfer of your custom domain to your Scrivito site can take 24 hours to resolve. It’s a big internet and all the phone books have to be changed...