Using the Hierarchy Browser

Scrivito’s hierarchy browser lets you conveniently click through the pages that are part of your website structure to inspect or adjust them individually as needed.

The button for opening the hierarchy browser panel is the topmost one on the sidebar, directly underneath the top-right menu button. Clicking this hierarchy button opens a panel on which the currently displayed page is highlighted and visualized as part of the reversed-tree-like structure of your website.

For folding out (and hiding) the subpages of a parent page, a clickable arrow icon is available on the left-hand side of the item.

Click the (i) button at the top to display (or hide) the name of the user who last changed the page, as well as the date of this change.

Selecting a page from the hierarchy panel navigates to that page and highlights the panel item, so that it is always clear which page you are inspecting. The panel remains open unless you move your mouse pointer away from it. If you do, the panel reopens at exactly the position where you left it, so viewing several pages in succession is easy.

Every item on the hierarchy panel includes a menu button on the right-hand side. When clicked, a menu pops up underneath the item. It lets you add a subpage, edit the page properties, or delete the page. The menu and its actions are available independently of whether a page has been selected or not, giving you a means to manage pages without losing focus of the selected page.