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New in 1.18.0


Retrieves the Obj specified by its id, if it is part of the site context.

frenchSite = Scrivito.Obj.onSite('fr'); pageId = Scrivito.load(() => frenchSite.root().children()[0].id()); page = frenchSite.get(pageId); console.log(page.get("title"));


  • id (String) – The id of the Obj.


  • Returns the specified Obj, or null if the CMS object with the specified id does not exist or is not assigned to the site of the context.

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Retrieve the object even if it is unknown to which site it is assigned:

objId = "1fc90bb3c80a59dd"; obj = Scrivito.Obj.onAllSites().get(objId); console.log(obj.get("headline"));