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Scrivito Rails SDK 1.15.0 Has Been Released


Changes dialog displays last editor

On the changes dialog of a working copy, the individual items now include the name of the user who most recently edited them. So, should questions arise regarding the changes made to a page (for example when publishing), instead of navigating to the page and opening its properties, you can simply use the changes dialog to determine the person most recently involved.

Content Browser lets you open the selected object

After selecting a page or a binary object (e.g. an image) in the Content Browser, a button for conveniently opening the page is now available. The object is opened in a new tab.

Content Browser is faster with large SVGs and GIFs

Users of the Content Browser will no longer experience slow-downs when scrolling through SVG and GIF image collections containing large files. If an SVG or GIF is too large to be shown as a thumbnail, the Content Browser will display a simple placeholder instead.

Working copies sidebar panel remembers scroll position

For better usability, the scroll position of the working copies panel in the sidebar now stays in effect when closing and reopening the sidebar. Previously, the scroll position was lost on every close.

More realistic page display

In preview mode, the appearance of pages is more realistic now because empty widget lists no longer consume space.

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