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Scrivito Rails 1.16.0 Released - Rails 5.2 Support & Improved Link Editor


Supports and requires Rails 5.2

Scrivito now supports and requires Rails 5.2. Please update your app to Rails 5.2 before upgrading to Scrivito 1.16. There are no Rails 5.2 specific Scrivito settings, therefore this part of the update should be smooth. For instructions and details on updating your application from Rails 5.1 to Rails 5.2, see:

Ruby 2.4 support added

Scrivito now supports Ruby 2.4. For details, see the Ruby 2.4.0 release notes and those of subsequent patch versions.

Improved working copy ordering in the sidebar

Like us, a good deal of our customers differentiate between editors and chief editors when their plan includes the Editor Permission Control System (Team plan and above). Chief editors and Admins have access not only to their own but to many more if not all working copies in their Scrivito CMS. With so many working copies on the sidebar, finding the one to work with could be difficult, depending on its position in the list. The reason for this was that, apart from the published content, all working copies appeared in just one group, “Other working copies”, sorted alphabetically, independently of their owner.

To improve the usability of the working copy list, we’ve added another group to it, “My working copies”, in which only those working copies show up that are (co-)owned by the current user. The “Other working copies” group is still there but is visible to chief editors and admins only. The new “My working copies” group is, of course, sorted alphabetically as well.

Also, for consistency, the selected working copy now remains in its list.

Inplace editing for rel attribute values

For even more convenience when editing text in place, Scrivito’s link editor has been extended so as to support setting the contents of a link’s rel attribute. The purpose of this attribute is to instruct search engines regarding the treatment of the link and its destination. To do this, just click the gear icon at the top right and tick the desired keywords to be included in the attribute value.


  • Changes list sort order

    The sort order dropdown menu of the changes list dialog is working properly again.

  • The error that occurred when editing a reference or link list with a large number of entries (101+) has been fixed.

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