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Scrivito Rails SDK 1.14.0 Has Been Released

General improvements

Publishing via the top bar

For better accessibility and even more convenience, the top bar (also known as panel) of Scrivito’s in-place editing interface now includes a “Publish” button. In contrast to the “Publish” button in the sidebar, the new top bar button opens the changes dialog for optionally first reviewing the list of altered pages, images, etc. You can then click the (also new) “Publish” button at the bottom of the changes list, or, as usual, navigate to a modified item (by clicking it) or selectively move changes to a different working copy.

First working copy is created automatically

Mainly for making it even easier for first-time Scrivito users to get started, Scrivito now automatically creates a working copy for them when switching to Edit mode while viewing the published content without a working copy being present.

The title of the first working copy reads, for example, “John Smith’s working copy”, i.e., it includes the user’s full name that was given in the signup process.

More mobile friendly images

The URLs of images and resources with a permalink are now more mobile friendly. Scrivito prefers the CDN URL over the permalink URL, saving an HTTP request roundtrip for images with a permalink as well as for binary downloads. The permalink URLs, when requested directly, are still fully supported.


  • The scrivito_image_tag helper now respects the transform option also with images that have a permalink set. As a result, transformations aiming at mobile friendliness, for example, are now carried out consistently.
  • Invalid URLs in link attributes no longer lead to unexpected behavior of the editing interface.

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