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Scrivito Rails 1.17.0 Released


Improving the search experience with suggestions

Scrivito now lets you suggest search terms to visitors of your website. If, for example, a visitor starts typing “off” in the search box, you can present them words from your content that start with these letters, e.g. “office”, “official”, or “offer”. For this, a new API method, suggest, which is part of Scrivito’s ObjSearchEnumerator API, is available.

Added support for Ruby 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7

Scrivito now supports Ruby 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7. For details, see the Ruby 2.5.0 release notes and those of subsequent patch versions.

Scrivito no longer uses the multi_json gem. Instead it relies on the json gem.

Added created_at, published_at and first_published_at attributes

Scrivito already provided the obj.last_changed attribute. Now it also provides the obj.created_at, obj.published_at and obj.first_published_at date attributes for keeping track of the creation and publication of CMS content.

If you have a custom attribute named like one of the new ones, it is still accessible as it was before. To access the system attributes you can also use obj[:_created_at], obj[:_published_at] and obj[:_first_published_at].


  • Fixed custom placeholder for empty attributes

    The following now works again as originally intended:

  • After adding a subpage, Scrivito now navigates to the created page again.

  • Fixed occasional “Can not access a new widget before it has been saved”.

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