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Scrivito 1.12.0 Release Notes

Improvements and bugfixes

  • In-place editing interface supports individual users’ language preferences

    Previously, Scrivito supported only one language setting for all users of the in-place editing interface. To support the users’ individual language preferences better, Scrivito now determines their language based on their browser setting if no overall language has been configured. The language options currently available for the user interface are English and German.

    Additionally, an individual user’s language can now be set programmatically using the ui_locale method available in the user definition callback.

  • Making HTML links open in a new window

    In Scrivito 1.11.0 we added an option that lets the editor choose whether an HTML link should be opened in a new window. Due to positive feedback, this option is now on by default.

    We also updated the in-place HTML editor to Medium Editor 5.23.2.

  • Finding CMS objects of a specific type and by their path or permalink
    The find_by_path and find_by_permalink methods now work as intended and restrict the results to CMS objects of the model they are called for. For example, ArticlePage.find_by_path returns an object only if its path matches and its _obj_class is ArticlePage.
  • Improved string editor
    The string editor now always allows editors to add new lines to multi-line elements (e.g. <pre>). An issue that caused some line breaks not to be detected with Chrome has been resolved.
  • Rails 5.1 compatible dependencies

    When integrated into a fresh Rails 5.1 app, Scrivito complained about missing jQuery. This was caused by Rails 5.1 dropping jquery-rails as a dependency. The Scrivito SDK still requires jquery-rails, so we added it to our list of dependencies. Happy hacking!

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