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Scrivito Rails SDK 1.13.0 Has Been Released

Content Browser improvements

File upload made easier 

The Content Browser now has a button for uploading images via the file selection dialog of your operating system. If drag and drop isn’t yours, click this button and conveniently browse your image directories wherever they may be located.

Additionally, with working copies, the Content Browser now lets you upload and delete content in preview mode, too. Previously, this was only possible in editing mode.

Replacing images faster and more intuitively 

Editors can now exchange the image displayed by widgets (e.g. image widgets) with fewer clicks. Previously, the image to be exchanged was shown as the only item of the “Selected items” list. This list has been removed. Instead, the currently selected image is shown as the first item in the thumbnail or list view. So, after clicking an image on a page, you can simply skim through (and optionally filter) your images (or upload new ones) to find a replacement.

Further improvements

Removed CSS dependency

When setting up a Scrivito-based Rails application, it is no longer necessary to include the scrivito CSS asset in your app's stylesheets in “app/assets/stylesheets/application.css”. So, you can remove the following line from this file:

For compatibility reasons, this asset is still shipped with the Scrivito gem, so no action is required here when lifting your application to Scrivito 1.13.


  • Internal redirect_to URLs are no longer indexed by Google.
  • Default widget attribute values (set using default_for) are now correctly applied to the current page.
  • With an unstable network connection, the UI sometimes reported “There are unsaved changes! Are you sure you want to close the page?” without actually saving anything. This bug has been fixed.

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