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Scrivito 1.11.0 Release Notes

Ready for Rails 5.1 

You can now integrate Scrivito into Rails 5.1 applications! Rails 5.0 and 4.2 continue to be supported.

The latest Rails version is stuffed with new and improved functionality – see the Rails 5.1 release notes for details!

Updated and improved HTML editor 

Scrivito includes the easy-to-use MediumEditor for editing text in place. This handy tool has been updated to version 5.23.0.

Also, editors can now make HTML links open a new window, for example to improve the usability of the website. To enable this feature, set the anchor.targetCheckbox option in the configuration to true:

# app/assets/javascripts/editing/select_editor.js.coffee scrivito.editors.medium_editor.options = { anchor: { targetCheckbox: true } };

Further improvements and bugfixes

  • Changes list indicates conflicts
    Working with the changes list, you can now easily spot a conflict caused by publishing another working copy. Items that prevent your working copy from being published or that cannot be moved to a different working copy are highlighted. A tooltip briefly states the reason for the conflict.

  • Undefined Obj model class no longer breaks app
    Applications that do not have an obj.rb file (defining ::Obj) are working again.

  • Fully qualified URLs for not-yet-cached binaries
    Scrivito includes a helper, scrivito_url, for rendering links pointing to, for example, PDF files. With target CMS objects that weren't in the cache, the helper returned a URL in which the host was missing, causing binaries not located on the website to be unavailable. This behavior has been fixed.