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Delete an object

Deletes a CMS object.

DELETE /tenants/:tenant_id/workspaces/:working_copy_id/objs/:obj_id


  • tenant_id – The ID of the tenant.
  • working_copy_id – The ID of the working copy.
  • obj_id – The ID of the object to be deleted.


The response is empty.

Error codes

  • precondition_not_met.obj_not_found
  • precondition_not_met.workspace_is_readonly
  • precondition_not_met.workspace_not_found


curl \ -X DELETE \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -u 'api_token:MYTOKEN' \ https://api.scrivito.com/tenants/:tenant_id/workspaces/:ws_id/objs/:obj_id