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Create a working copy

Creates a working copy.

POST /tenants/:tenant_id/workspaces


  • tenant_id – The ID of the tenant.

Params as part of the payload

  • workspace – working copy attributes.

Example of the workspace parameter:

{ "title": "the working copy title" }


The created working copy.

Since this action is performed in the background, please refer to the tasks API for polling the task status until the result is returned.

Error codes

  • precondition_not_met.user_not_workflow_editor
  • precondition_not_met.workflow_not_found
  • validation.illegal_value
  • workspace.create.exceeds_limit


curl \ -X POST \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -u 'api_token:MYTOKEN' \ -d '{ "workspace": { "title": "the working copy title" } }' \ https://api.scrivito.com/tenants/:tenant_id/workspaces
{ "created_at": "20190322170625", "id": "kd64c3d1ae2b25b0", "title": "the working copy title" }