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Every change to your content can now be easily identified

When working on content with Scrivito, especially in teams, it is also important to be able to quickly determine the state of the content to be published next. What has been added, what has been altered or removed, and where? Based on our own experience, working copies are usually published only after each individual change has been reviewed and approved. However, for this to be accomplished smoothly, the changed parts must first be identified.

On the pages themselves, any modification can be spotted in an instant. However, for the properties of a page, for example, this was not so easily possible – until now!

The details, please!

In “Changes” mode, all of the options that are accessible via the properties dialog are now marked accordingly if they were modified or deleted. You can already tell from an icon on the tabs if something was changed in them. Altered text such as a title or a description is highlighted using the same colors as on the pages themselves, whereas more extensive options like enumerations or links are presented in a before/after fashion. This applies not only to the changes made in a working copy, but also to those that become visible when comparing the published content with a previous version of it using the history sidebar.

We hope that you can now review and publish content even more efficiently!

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