Introduction to Solidus

Introduction to Solidus

What is Solidus?

Solidus is a fully fledged e-commerce engine for Ruby on Rails. It is based on Spree, a widely spread web store platform that drives tens of thousands of online shops worldwide. Being open source, Solidus is supported by an active community. Its modularity and its API make Solidus a shop solution that is easy to set up, to extend and to customize.

Why integrate with Scrivito?

As a mature e-commerce application, Solidus is specialized in serving buyers, giving them convenient access to all kinds of products and guiding them through the ordering process. For maintaining the product database, an admin interface is available. However, being a shop system in the first place, Solidus misses support for creating, editing and delivering editorial content such as landing pages, featured products, and the like. So, it seems natural to place a professional CMS at Solidus' side. As a cloud-based Rails CMS with asset management, in-place editing, drag-and-drop widgets, etc., Scrivito has the best preconditions for taking on this role.

What are the benefits?

  • Scrivito lets you create and maintain editorial content, be it as stand-alone pages or interwoven with shop content.
  • You can have Scrivito provide conveniently editable navigations, headers, footers and other recurring elements for all pages.
  • Solidus' product views can be enhanced with supplemental pieces of information on a general or product-specific level.
  • Scrivito lets you create widgets for displaying shop content wherever required in your editorial content. We're going to illustrate this with an example of a products widget.

The documentation in this section guides you through installing and integrating Solidus and Scrivito. It covers the aspects vital to your application all the way to creating an easy-to-use products widget. If you miss something, please let us know!