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Granting Scrivito Users Access

Granting Scrivito Users Access

The content maintained with Scrivito should only be editable by users logged in as a Solidus admin. To achieve this, first create the file app/models/solidus_scrivito_user.rb and set its contents to:

# app/models/solidus_scrivito_user.rb # provide a scrivito user based on the 'solidus_auth_devise' gem module SolidusScrivitoUser def self.to_scrivito_user(solidus_user) # return nil, when no user is given return if solidus_user.blank? # return nil, when _not_ admin return unless solidus_user.admin? # return new Scrivito::User Scrivito::User.define(solidus_user.id.to_s) do |user| user.description { solidus_user.login } user.suggest_users do |input| Spree::User.search(login: input).result.map do |found_user| to_scrivito_user(found_user) end end # allow everything Scrivito::User::VERBS.each { |can_have| user.can_always(can_have, :workspace) } end end end

Now add the following to config/initializers/scrivito.rb inside the Scrivito.configure block:

config.editing_auth do |env| SolidusScrivitoUser.to_scrivito_user(env["warden"].user) end config.find_user do |user_id| SolidusScrivitoUser.to_scrivito_user(Spree::User.find(user_id)) end

Restart your application using bundle exec rails s, then visit localhost:3000/login and log in with your admin credentials (e.g. admin@example.com/test123).

You should now be able to edit content again. Once logged out (by visiting localhost:3000/logout) you will no longer be able to edit the content.