Scrivito JS SDK 1.32.0 Released

Featuring as the only ​editing interface

SDK uses exclusively

Scrivito’s always up-to-date editing interface,, is now always used for editing. It lets editors benefit from improvements from the moment they are made available.

If your app already uses, you can skip this point, of course.

Some Scrivito users may not have come across yet because Scrivito’s editing interface was also included in the SDK packages and could be evoked via We continued to support the packaged Scrivito UI until version 1.31.0 to make it easier to transition to Starting with this release, the “” URL will redirect to “” instead of opening the standalone UI.

If you are not yet using to edit your website content, we recommend that you test your site against prior to updating. Almost all Scrivito websites work without any flaws there, but sometimes small adjustments are needed.

See Making Content Editable via for more information.

Further improvements

  • Better support for HTML in headlines

    Some website designs call for markup in headlines, e.g. for supporting subscript and superscript. However, merely changing the type of the attribute concerned from string to html can have unwanted side effects because most HTML tags (including paragraphs) break the layout of a headline.

    To solve this, HTML editing can now be limited to specific tags. For details, see Limiting HTML tags in the documentation.

  • API for retrieving an editor’s email address

    The SDK’s Editor class, whose instances represent user data consisting of an editor’s ID, name, and team memberships, now also includes the editor’s email address.

  • API for obtaining the ordered list of an object’s children

    Editors are already able to change the order of the subpages of a page. Now, developers can retrieve (and programmatically alter) the ordered subpages list as well using the new Obj#orderedChildren API method.

  • Further API changes or improvements

    Scrivito.NotFoundErrorPage no longer wraps its children in an additional <div> tag.

Thanks again for using Scrivito!

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