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Scrivito JS 1.15.0 Released – Featuring Dates of First and Most Recent Publish

Tracking the first and most recent publish

For displaying a publishing date or finding content based on a publishing date, Scrivito now provides two further system attributes, _firstPublishedAt and _publishedAt, including the corresponding getter methods firstPublishedAt and publishedAt. While the former is set only once when a piece of content is published for the first time, the latter is updated on every publish. Editors can see these dates on the properties view of pages, for instance.

Setting date and time values

Scrivito already supported the date attribute type, which enabled editors to pick a date. Now we’ve added a new attribute type, datetime, that allows picking not only a date, but also a time. This is ideal for events, special offers, etc., that have a starting and an end time.

Regarding timezones, Scrivito always displays time values in accordance with the timezone of the browser used. Internally, all point-in-time values are converted to UTC. If, for example, an editor in New York picks 2020-06-22 15:30 in the properties dialog, Scrivito will internally convert the timezone from EDT to UTC and save the point in time as 2020-06-22 19:30 (UTC). Other editors will see the value in their respective local timezone. So, for example, an editor from Berlin will see 2020-06-22 21:30 (CEST).

We hope you find these new features as useful as we do!

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