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Scrivito JS 1.14.0 Released – Featuring Customizable Content Visibility for Editors

Granting and denying editors access to content

Are you maintaining sensitive content in your Scrivito CMS, or would like to do so? Have you got articles, images, or PDF files only selected staff members should be able to see? Scrivito now lets you achieve this by means of custom visibility categories, which we had already introduced for visitors, but not for editors.

After setting up an editor identity provider and defining editor groups and their members, you can now specify such a group in a visibility category and assign it to your secret content. After publishing the working copy, only the members of this group will be able to access this content.

Customizable copying of CMS objects

When editors copy a page or an asset, a custom callback, initializeCopy, can now be invoked so that the new page can be initialized. One could implement, for example, that specific attributes are set or emptied. For flexibility, a dedicated callback can be provided for every object class in the corresponding editing configuration. Details about initializeCopy can be found in the API documentation.

Happy customizing!

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