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Scrivito JS 1.13.0 Released – Featuring Custom Content Visibility

Letting your audiences access content exclusively

For opening your website content only to specific users like customers, affiliates, vendors, etc., Scrivito now lets you define custom visibility categories next to the built-in ones for general public and authenticated access. Such categories enable you to utilize groups, meaning that only users or visitors are allowed to access content if they belong to a specific group.

Groups can be set up in your account at your identity provider, if it supports this feature. Afterwards, and after having set up corresponding visibility categories, editors can assign them to individual pages via the page properties.

More configurable identity providers

For more flexibility, you can now specify many more identity providers for your Scrivito CMS, 20 each for visitor and editor authentication. So nothing more stands in the way of letting visitors and editors log in via their preferred account at a provider supporting OpenID.

Deleted pages can now be restored

For your convenience, it is now possible to restore a deleted page directly in the working copy concerned, i.e. without having to move the change to a different working copy: In the changes list, click the entry for the deleted page. This page then becomes the current page, and “Restore page” can be selected from the menu at the top right.

Subpages can be sorted via page hierarchy

For even more convenience, the page hierarchy panel on the sidebar now lets you sort subpages. You no longer need to navigate to the parent page but can use the “Sort subpages” item that has been added to the options menu of parent pages.

Thank you for using Scrivito!

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