Getting Started with the Rails SDK

Getting Started with the Rails SDK

Scrivito is a CMS cloud service that includes everything you require for quickly setting up and running one or more websites built with Ruby on Rails.

If you haven’t already done so, please register first to have an account created, it’s free. After confirming your registration, start your Scrivito demo, play around and experiment to get a feel for what is possible.

Setting up an application

Next, get started with our example application, or set up and prepare your own Rails applicationScrivito is a cloud service, so you do not need a local database. Then connect it to your Scrivito CMS using the API key available in your CMS settings after creating either a trial or a paid CMS.

You can run your application locally and even deploy it right away. The application logic will display a simple homepage, including a navigation, some text, and images.

Developing the application

A Text and an Image widget

As the project evolves, you might want to add widgets to web pages, for comfortably editing content. Widgets are the tool of choice when it comes to uploading, writing and reordering website content. With the help of widgets, editors work directly on the individual web pages. The website not only is the place where content is displayed, it also acts as the platform on which the content is created and maintained. It is all in one place, on the website.

You can create model classes in your application to organize the pages and the data associated with them, create dialogs for getting in touch with you, product order forms, and everything else you want your website to include. Optionally, there is a CRM available that perfectly integrates into your web application. It also features a powerful graphical user interface for managing persons and organizations, or for carrying out mailings.

Upgrading and going live

If Scrivito suits your needs for further developing your or your customer’s website, and for running it in the cloud, you are invited to join and upgrade to a paid plan.

Further help

Last but not least, we’re there to help you if you need assistence.