Setting Up the Example Application

Setting Up the Example Application

The Scrivito example application is a ready-to-use Rails application. It is almost identical to the Scrivito demo which you can launch via your account settings.

When setting up the Scrivito Example App you can choose to load the same contents as seen in the Scrivito demo, via the Rails runner. Or use the app without the content and create your own. Follow the instructions in the readme to get started.

The Scrivito example app showcases several widgets for everyday use and also features more advanced functionality, e.g. a blog and a search. It uses the plain Bootstrap 3 CSS framework.

Watch this video about setting up the example application:

Please note: when running the rails runner SeedContentCreator.create script during setup, the generator creates a fresh working copy, deletes its contents, and uploads the sample content to it. This working copy is then published, replacing all previous content. From here you can edit the content using a new working copy. Running the content generator again later on has the same effect.

We recommend to create a fresh CMS for use with the Scrivito example app. If you reuse an existing CMS by connecting it to your example app, please be aware that the published content in this CMS is replaced with the sample content. Also make sure that your working copy limit has not been reached.