Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» White Paper
Measurable Success - White Paper

Better for the Editorial Team

Real-time collaboration is organized across the working copies and via customizable workflows

From the constant back and forth between previewing and editing pages, to waiting for the IT department to publish updates from a staging server, Scrivito has addressed all of this and more to create a lean and elegant state-of-the-art CMS solution. Your editors will thank you for all the new-found flexibility they can enjoy while making your team look like rock stars.

Editors love our usabilitybecause our WYSIWYG editing lets them place content directly on the site, exactly where they want it.

See how easy it is to edit content in web CMS Scrivito.

I can’t believe it’s … so easy

With our drag-and-drop interface, your editors can make changes on the fly and always see the results right on your screen. You can add Scrivito Widgets as flexible and modular site components. Your editors can experience a yet unknown degree of freedom by moving things around quickly and easily on the site while ensuring a consistent layout, so their content is always where they want it and how they want it.

Once you realize how much you can do in such a short amount of time - you will wonder how you were ever able to get anything done before. So start using Scrivito today to create better websites and to stand out from your competition.

Working Copies … you never knew you needed them but you won’t want to live without them

If you’ve used other CMS solutions, you most likely have encountered this common problem: If someone is already changing the portion of the site you need to modify as well, then you’re stuck. You have to talk to your colleagues, asking them to revert their changes or wait until they’ve finished.

With Scrivito Working Copies you and your team can all collaboratively edit the same website without the fear of impacting each edit. Just work as normal and combine changes, then go live.

Learn more about working copies in our explainer video.

Collaborative editing – Scrivito to the rescue

Scrivito has a matchless feature called working copies. It’s one of Scrivito’s key features that you’ll never want to live without once you have gotten to know it.

A working copy is a copy of the currently published content. So, when you start editing; you either start with a new working copy or you choose an already existing one. You can even invite other editors to collaborate on your working copy.

So, one team of editors can work on the big relaunch for next year using the “Relaunch” working copy, while other editors fix typos or add new articles to the site – using their individual working copies –, even in sections the relaunch editors team is completely overhauling. The relaunch team can even get updates of the changed parts from the current site so they don’t need to fix the same issues or import the new stuff. This is true collaboration amongst all the editors.

If you’ve just been experimenting or think that it’s better to start over again with a fresh working copy, simply delete your working copy, no matter how many changes you’ve made. So, someone new to the website can play with things without the fear of destroying the site.

Customizable permissions

If you have a larger editorial team and would like to introduce an editor-in-chief who needs to approve of all changes, that’s no problem at all. Scrivito’s flexible permission system allows you to do just that. Any editor may edit the site, but not everyone is permitted to publish these edits. Using permissions, you’re able to ensure the integrity and consistent quality of your content.

Permissions are available in our Company and Enterprise plans.

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