Scrivito CMS for Partner Agencies

A Reliable Partnership with Many Advantages

The enterprise cloud CMS Scrivito was developed especially for digital agencies and their customers – such as medium-sized and large companies and public sector organizations. Innovative agencies enter into an exclusive, reliable partnership with us, benefiting from a wide range of perks.

About Scrivito CMS

Scrivito is a headless/decoupled enterprise web CMS that serves as a flexible basis for your clients' websites and apps. It delivers content to any channel and any device and is user-friendly, secure, scalable, and designed for high-performance global deployment.

Headless/decoupled enterprise web CMS Scrivito

Advantages for the Agency

We Get You up and Running Quickly

New partners can start their first project with Scrivito very quickly – often just 4 weeks after the partnership begins. Your team familiarizes itself with the software through hands-on training and coaching sessions, meaning you are up and running quickly.

Reliable Partnership

Trust is the foundation of every partnership. We see ourselves as your trusted advisor. In practice, this means we communicate openly, deliver on all our commitments, and our work is focused on your interests.

A Partner Concept That Will Inspire You

As a Scrivito partner agency, you profit from a real win-win partnership.

  • We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your success and to grow your business. We help you strengthen customer loyalty, reduce overall costs and thereby increase your sales sustainably. 
  • We offer you exclusive partner resources and training, such as product and sales training.
  • We support you in lead generation and, if required, in pitches to win new customers. 
  • An account manager takes care of all your concerns and advises you not only on technical issues, but also on topics such as sales and revenue generation.
  • If required, we actively support your recruiting processes.
  • Our conditions are extremely fair for partners.

In addition, we offer the following advantages for your marketing department:

  • Joint events with demo points, speaker slots and workshops (e.g. seminars, Digital Experience Days from JustRelate or events like OMR and DMEXCO)
  • Customer success stories on the Scrivito and JustRelate websites
  • Webinars and training courses
  • Shared blog articles, social media posts, and marketing materials
  • Branded videos to educate your customers
  • Access to our studio to produce your own videos and webinars
  • Listing as a partner on the Scrivito and the JustRelate websites
Scrivito CMS training provided to an agency

Always There for You

Our team is always at your side. You receive technical support on your exclusive Slack partner channel, where our best-qualified employee always addresses your concerns as quickly as possible and, if required, consults with other colleagues. You also have a direct line to Scrivito developers and product management. Feedback from our partner agencies flows directly into product development. If necessary, we can jointly create teams for closing, onboarding and support for new customers. You also have access to our knowledge base.

A Strong Community with Other Agencies

As a member of our exclusive partner network, you are part of a strong community of successful agencies. You benefit from the experience and knowledge of others, exchange ideas and can participate in our partner events.

Experience and Branch Expertise

As a result of our extensive experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the agency business and the wants and needs of digital agencies. We know what matters when it comes to working with partners and implementing projects. With our industry expertise in a wide range of areas, we support you in your projects.

Save Costs, Time and Work

Compared to most other commercial CMS solutions, Scrivito is significantly more cost-efficient and saves you a lot of time and money.

  • Monthly license fees also include hosting, the provision of a content delivery network (CDN) and infrastructure, as well as maintenance, back-ups and updates. 
  • There is no requirement for your own IT infrastructure, operating personnel, or initial investments. 
  • Rapid development allows you to reduce time-to-market and make the best use of human resources.
  • Because Scrivito uses JavaScript, it is cheaper and easier to find new developers in comparison to other programming languages.
  • The learning curve for editors is low. 
  • You can use Scrivito for your own websites for free.

Test Scrivito Free for 30 Days

Top Features of Scrivito CMS
State of the Art: MACH and SDK

Scrivito relies on modern MACH technology: The CMS uses microservices, follows the API-first approach, is cloud-native and headless/decoupled. All functions are available via API and (React) SDK.

Perfect for Integration: Connectivity to Third-Party Systems via APIs

A wide variety of third-party systems such as CRM, ERP or marketing automation solutions can be connected to the CMS via APIs. It can be seamlessly integrated into your customers’ existing IT landscape.

PisaSales CRM 
Planware CPQ
Amazon Web Services

In general, any service with a REST API can be integrated into Scrivito and used in a widget.

Everything under One Roof: A System for All Websites and Apps

Instead of multiple installations, you use a single CMS for each of your customers. New websites can be set up in minutes. Digital assets such as documents, images, and videos can be used across multiple projects and channels. Country websites and different language versions can be operated from one system without any additional effort.

Websites with a Modular Design Principle: Flexible Widgets and More

Reusable widgets create the framework for each website. These can be elements such as images, texts or videos, but also complex functions such as forms. Thanks to the widgets, editors can edit pages or develop prototypes quickly and easily. Additionally, you profit from the Scrivito Developer Community: Developers can extend the CMS with their own code and also create their own widgets. 100% of the functionality for this is available via API. In this way, you assemble your own construction kit. A variety of widgets from us and our other partner agencies are available via GitHub.

Intuitive and Adaptable: The Editing Interface

Websites are intuitively editable with Scrivito. What’s more, the interface can be adapted to meet editorial requirements. The automatic validation of content is also possible. For example, the system can use a style guide to find typos or check whether there is more than one H1 heading on a page.

Convenient Collaboration: Working Copies and Workflows

Editors can work together on a page and see the changes made by the other editors in real time. Scrivito’s flexible, role-based team and rights management supports even the most complex approval workflows.

Everything at a Glance: The WYSIWYG Editing Interface 

Scrivito offers you real WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editing directly on the page. This allows editors to immediately see how the result looks on different devices.

Secure Areas: For Intranets, Customer Portals and More

Not all web content should be available to the general public. Secure areas – for example for intranets, customer portals or digital events – can be created easily with Scrivito.

As well as the main CMS functions, Scrivito offers a host of other features. These include the following, among others:

Scrivito as a Digital Asset Management
  • You easily manage all media in one central place with the content browser. Scrivito can also be used as a system for digital asset management (DAM).
  • Scrivito automatically saves images in a variety of sizes and formats and delivers the most appropriate one for each device.
  • Scrivito uses the powerful Elasticsearch engine for its search function. Also other DAM systems, search engines etc. can be linked in.
Advantages for Your Customers
Enterprise SaaS CMS for any web project or application
Any number of projects and multilingual websites in one system
Highest security, performance, scalability and availability 
Editors do not require lengthy training sessions
New content and new pages are online within minutes
Complex workflows for publishing content are possible
Pay as you go: monthly fee includes CDN, infrastructure and much more
Advantages for Developers
Cutting-edge technology (microservices, API-first, cloud native and headless)
Simple development with React and JavaScript SDK, TypeScript support
Highly flexible and expandable (SDK/API), easy integration of other systems
Many off-the-shelf widgets, use of own widgets
Easy relaunches and tests with working copies
Many additional functions included, e. g. Elasticsearch, DAM and much more
Premium support and direct link to Scrivito developers
Contact with Scrivito product management
Advantages for Editors
Intuitive interface with WYSIWYG editing, including customer-specific extensions
No lengthy training courses necessary
Convenient teamwork
Flexible approval workflows
Automatic content validation (e.g. based on style guides)
Screenshot of Scrivito, the CMS for editors
We Are a Team Together

To create successful, long-term partnerships, we look for agencies that share our vision and our way of working.

These terms describe our ideal partners:

Enthusiasm for technology
Expertise in the area of digitalization
Flat hierarchies
Customer and project-oriented
Our Partner Agencies

In this video, Nico Rehmann, managing partner of the digital agency asioso, talks about his experience with Scrivito.

Leading Companies Rely on Scrivito 
“Top Rated”: OMR Reviews Awards Scrivito CMS

The software review platform OMR Reviews gave Scrivito the “Top Rated” award in the category Content Management Systems in March 2022. Our enterprise CMS is far above the industry average in all categories, such as “user-friendliness”, “meeting requirements” and “customer support”.

Selected Solutions

You can develop tailor-made solutions based on Scrivito.

International corporate and brand websites
Customer, supplier and channel portals
Ecommerce solutions for B2B and B2C
Digital events
Brand portals
Digital asset management
Landing pages for lead generation
HR and recruiting portals
Investor relations portals
Intranets and employee portals
Complex web applications
and many more
Customer Testimonials

“As a digital agency, we have been implementing CMS projects in large and medium-sized companies for over 20 years. We have been using Scrivito for this for some time now. This has enabled us and our customers to take a big step into the future. Scrivito combines an outstanding user experience for CMS users with the flexibility of React and the scalability of the cloud and is, in our opinion, unique in this combination. In addition to the great results, it’s fun for editors and developers to work with”.

Timo Fuchs, Head of System Integration at Pinuts

“Fundamentally, the use of the Scrivito SDK in conjunction with React is a very flexible solution. As UX service providers it enables us to meet the individual requirements of our customers because we can exploit an almost unlimited array of possibilities with React. As developers, we have direct access to the Scrivito team to clarify questions, and express wishes, which often find their way into the next Scrivito version. This direct contact is very valuable for us as developers and also of course for our customers. The UI for editors, which allows in-place editing directly on the elements of the website itself, is one of the best features of the CMS”.

Eric Eifler, Lead UX Software Engineer at Ergosign

“As a digital service provider, it’s our job to develop world-class websites for our clients as quickly as possible, and that works very well with Scrivito. Time to market is short as new projects can be released quickly. API First is a practical approach and has a lot of advantages, such as its integrability with other systems. In addition, the headless technology combined with the WYSIWYG editor is really remarkable and a real added value for customers. All in all, we are happy to recommend Scrivito in projects where cloud or sophisticated integrations are among the requirements”.

Ilja Inshakov, Team Lead Business Development & Marketing at Das Büro am Draht

“Scrivito lets you develop modern digital experience platforms alongside traditional websites that go beyond the standard in terms of user experience and features offered. Anything with an API can be connected to Scrivito – for example, ERP systems with inventory and product information, as well as CRM and ecommerce systems. The CMS can be used to cover a wide range of requirements and use cases, and it is also reassuring to know that the system will not be obsolete in several years, thanks to its future-proof architecture”.

Armin Berger, CEO at 3pc

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