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Specifying Popular Page and Widget Types

Specifying Popular Page and Widget Types

Adding pages to a website and widgets to pages sometimes is a task requiring great diligence. To make selecting the page and widget types a bit more comfortable, especially if you have plenty of them, you can offer the ones used most often above of the alphabetically sorted complete list of available types. Here's what it looks like for widgets:

The page and widget types used most often by the editors of your website can be specified using the below JavaScript API.

scrivito.on('load', function() { scrivito.popular_obj_classes = [ 'NewsPage', 'BlogPostPage', 'FeaturedPage', 'HeadlineWidget', 'TextWidget', 'ImageWidget', 'VideoWidget' ]; });

As you can see, you can mix page and widget types at will. The page and widget selection dialogs will automatically pick the appropriate ones.