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Setting Working Copy Owners

Setting Working Copy Owners

Scrivito can be integrated with any user management system to make users known to the CMS and grant or deny them editing permissions. After that, you can share your working copies with your colleagues to collaborate with them.

After creating a working copy, you are its only owner. To add further owners for collaboration, open the working copy settings.

Now, in the “Owners” input box, place the caret behind your name or login, and start typing the name of the colleague. From the list of suggested users that appears, select the person you were looking for.

This way, you can share your working copy with any number of users. Note that you as well as all co-owners can add users to and remove them from this list. All owners of a working copy have full control over it, meaning that they may produce, alter, or delete content as well as rename, update, publish, or delete the working copy as such.