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Scrivito JS SDK 1.28.0 Released

Duplicating parent pages

For the convenience of editors, pages with subpages, i.e. page hierarchies as a whole, can now be duplicated, obviating the need to copy and then paste the pages individually.

Email address as a tooltip when hovering over a user’s name

For identifying users better, hovering over a user’s name now causes their email address to be displayed as a tooltip.

Automatic linking of URLs in attribute descriptions and validation messages

To be able to assist editors better, URLs in attribute descriptions and validation messages are now automatically converted to links.

Easier to read date values

For dates like “first published” or “last changed”, their absolute value instead of the relative one is now displayed if they are more than a month ago.

Further improvements

  • Minimizing the amount of markup when rendering

    The Scrivito.ContentTag component usually unconditionally renders the markup for the pieces of content (i.e. the attributes) passed to it. Using the new contentTagsForEmptyAttributes configuration option, you can now prevent markup from being generated for empty attribute values, resulting in a smaller footprint.

  • Improved TypeScript support

    TypeScript now suggests the value of the attribute to be passed in, and checks its type. See Getting Started with TypeScript for details.

  • Passing an object or widget class to editing configurations

    The provideEditingConfig API method now also directly accepts a CMS object or widget class (and not just its name). This enables TypeScript to determine the attributes of the class concerned.

  • API for determining a widget’s child widgets

    For easier access to the widgets contained in structure widgets (e.g. box widgets), the Widget#widgets() instance method has been provided. It returns a flat list of a widget’s direct and indirect subwidgets.

  • Fixed bugs

    • In properties dialogs, it is no longer possible to discard the changes that were made to an attribute if it has been disabled.

Thank you for using Scrivito!

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