Scrivito JS SDK 1.21.0 Released – Featuring the Changes Sidebar

Introducing the changes sidebar

One of the most useful tools when moving forward to publishing a working copy is the changes list. It gives editors and reviewers an overview of the content that has been altered, hints at pages that need to be fixed for one or the other reason, and more. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to open a dialog to access those changes?

So here it is, the changes sidebar! It offers almost all the pieces of information the dialog does, and additionally features a search field which comes in handy if the list of changes has become long. The best, however, is that the changes are always in reach, and walking through them page by page instantly displays the selected one, which is faster and way more convenient than using the dialog.

Have you noticed the counter on the sidebar button? Don’t let that number of changes get too large! ;)

Last but not least, the new changes sidebar also lets you publish a working copy, request that it be published should a workflow demand it, and, of course, open the dialog for moving changes to a different working copy.

Some user interface elements are now blue

To make it easier to distinguish between the products of the JustRelate Group, some of Scrivito’s user interface elements now appear in a vibrant blue. We hope you like the new color!

Improved handling of authentication groups

With Scrivito’s visibility categories, permission to access specific content as a logged-in user can be made subject to being a member of an authentication group.

Scrivito now makes it possible to support administrators with selecting the right groups when they set up or modify visibility categories. For this, the Scrivito.provideAuthGroups API has been provided. It lets you specify the available group names together with their respective descriptive name. Once set up, thanks to autocompletion, no more guessing when entering group names!

More efficiency in working with changes

Editors value Scrivito’s changes list as a tool for quickly getting an overview of the changes and the additions made in a working copy. For even more efficiency and convenience, changes can now be discarded, and items can be deleted or restored individually using the context menu each item is now equipped with.

This menu is also available for items in the new changes sidebar.

Restoring deleted widgets from an archived version

Sometimes, things go a little wrong: You were so sure that nobody would find that gallery widget on the homepage useful, so you deleted it and published the working copy. After a while and half a dozen publishes later you realized that this widget would have been exactly what is needed somewhere else on the website. Too bad, but it cannot be helped, so let’s rebuild it and figure out which images it contained!

No, wait! If the widget is present in one of the previously published working copies, you can use the publishing history to find and open an archived version containing the widget.

You can now copy the deleted widget and paste it to wherever you want it to appear in any other working copy. Cool, isn’t it?

New API for keeping the page hierarchy more consistent

A website’s page hierarchy often demands that pages of a specific type must or must not be added as a subpage to a particular website section. Blogposts, for example, are meant for the blog, and not for the products section, and, vice versa, product pages have no place in the blog.

To support editors with keeping the website structure consistent, Scrivito now lets you define such page-type-related dependencies by means of the onlyChildren and onlyInside options in page class definitions.

React 17.0.1 support

Scrivito now supports React 17.0.1 or newer. React 16.8.0 and later will continue to receive support.

Further enhancements

  • The multi-site feature set is now final

    With version 1.18.0 of the SDK, we announced Scrivito’s new native multi-site capabilities as beta. Since everything has been working as designed, we declared this feature set final and would like to thank the early adopters for using it extensively as well as for their great feedback!

  • Working copy collaborators can now remove themselves from a working copy

    Previously, editors were not able to remove themselves from a working copy’s list of collaborators. This is now possible unless they are the only remaining editor in the working copy.

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