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Scrivito JS 1.11.0 Released – Featuring Search Suggestions

Improving the search experience with suggestions

Scrivito now lets you suggest search terms to visitors of your website. If, for example, a visitor starts typing “off” in the search box, you can present them words from your content that start with these letters, e.g. “office”, “official”, or “offer”. For this, a new API method, suggest, which is part of Scrivito’s ObjSearch API, is available.

User interface improvements

Publishing history is now on the sidebar

For an even better user experience when working with the publishing history in the Scrivito UI, we've moved the publishing history from a dialog into the sidebar. Editors can now more conveniently access and work with previously published versions of the website content.

When editing rich text in place, copying and pasting now preserves links, making it much easier to duplicate them.

Floating-point numbers are properly validated

When entering floating-point numbers, their format and range are now properly validated. In case the value is malformed or out of range, a corresponding error message is displayed.

Using the built-in link editor on property views, the query string and fragment identifier of internal links can now be edited.


  • Placeholder is displayed correctly again

    After clearing an editable HTML text in place, the click-to-edit placeholder is now displayed correctly.

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