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Scrivito 1.9.0 Release Notes

Unified changes view modes

When working on a page, Scrivito lets you compare the current page contents with the version you started off with. Up to now, the changes view that lets you do this had three modes, “Additions,” “Deletions,” and “All changes” of which – according to the feedback we collected – only the latter was used.

So, for less complexity and hence better usability, we combined these modes into one, removed the dropdown, and called this page display mode – guess what: “Changes.”

Further improvements and bugfixes

  • When hovering over the sidebar, a short delay now prevents it from opening immediately. This way, the mouse pointer can be moved over the edge of the browser window without causing the sidebar to flicker.

  • It is now possible to drag widgets from one CMS object to another one using their respective handle. This comes in handy if pages are composed of more than a single CMS object.

  • In the Content Browser’s details view a spinner is now displayed while the details of a CMS object are being loaded.

  • Scrivito now lets you prevent editors from accessing the publishing history. By default, all users may use the publishing history, but by withdrawing the new read_history permission, exceptions to the default can be made. For details, see: Defining users and their permissions

  • We fixed a bug that caused URL changes (using BinaryRewrite) to be not applied to binary CMS objects (e.g. images or PDF files) with a permalink.

  • When using the SDK editing API and applying scrivito("content") to enum attributes, string values with special characters (e. g. ampersands) are now handled correctly. Thus, the default enum editor now always properly reflects the current value.

  • We fixed a bug related to the preset routes. The preset routes wrongly identified the first component of the URL path as an ID if it was exactly 16 characters long and was made up of letters and digits. Now, it identifies only hexadecimal numbers (consisting of digits and the letters “a” to “f”) as IDs.
    If your routes.rb file contains calls to scrivito_route, you are not using the preset routes and are therefore not affected by this bug.

  • Scrivito now automatically optimizes JPEG and PNG images by removing their metadata and adjusting their size using the default image transformation configuration setting. As a consequence, the Scrivito::BasicObj#apply_image_transformation? hook method no longer needs to be defined for each object class that represents images. In fact, this method has been deprecated because it's not called anymore.

  • When changes to content cannot be saved (due to network dropouts, for example), Scrivito now displays an alert box instead of showing the “Changes saved” indicator.

  • We fixed a bug related to restored browser sessions that caused the displayed content to be outdated.

  • A bug was fixed that caused a filter and the “Last added” view to be selected at the same time. It occurred only after creating a CMS object using the “Create item” button displayed along with the filtered items, not when creating items using drag and drop.