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Scrivito 1.4.0 Release Notes


Introducing the publishing history

We are proud to present Scrivito's new publishing history to you! It gives you full control of what has been published in the recent past. No matter, whether you're just curious regarding the progress your site content made, or whether you need to completely or partly roll back one or several publishing actions – just select a previously published version from the history to have a fresh working copy created from it!

The changes that were applied to the selected version up to the currently published content are made available as reverting changes. So you can view these changes, apply further edits to them or pick just the ones needed prior to publishing this fresh working copy.

The publishing history is accessible via the working copy menu. Take a look at the full documentation for further details and usage examples.

We hope you find this new feature as useful as we do!


The changelog reflects minor improvements and bugfixes that were made in addition to the changes listed above.


Minor improvements

  • When trageting an empty widget list while dragging a widget on a page, the drag-and-drop cursor is now displayed as a box around this widgetlist field.
  • The page menu now includes an item for getting help. It opens the Editor's Guide.
  • The Content Browser now includes localizers in German language.
  • You can now open the Content Browser even in the “Preview” and the “Changes” modes. However, these modes won't let you change any content – switch to editing mode for this.
  • The performance of drag-and-drop operations has been improved.
  • We updated MediumEditor to version 5.18.0.


      • An empty referencelist attribute caused an error in the JS console. However, no functionality was impaired.
      • The Scrivito engine no longer expects that the Rails application includes all the helpers, i.e. that config.action_controller.include_all_helpers is set to true. Not including the helpers by setting this configuration option to false no longer breaks the application.
      • External links ending with “/scrivito” are now left as they are. Previously, this URL component was removed.
      • The page menu is now also present on non-content pages such as error pages etc.
      • The saving indicator now shows up only if changes are actually being saved. Also, conflict warnings are no longer displayed for the published content.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented setting nil as a default for widgetlist fields.