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Scrivito 1.3.0 Release Notes


Improved drag 'n' drop

Dragging and dropping widgets in the Scrivito UI has become much smoother. Compared to the previous version:

  • The drop target is detected more reliably.
  • While dragging, the current structure of the widgets on the page doesn't change; the widgets don't hop about anymore.
  • When dragging a widget around, the spot at which it would be inserted is now indicated by an unobtrusive cursor-like placeholder.

Automatically updated working copies

Editors no longer need to manually update their working copies after a different working copy has been published intermediately. In fact, there is no “Update” menu item in the working copy menu anymore for working copies that have been created in place.

If required for some reason, the SDK still lets you create working copies that are not automatically updated.

Better image placeholder

Scrivito now uses an image placeholder that looks like famous image placeholders do, so you'll recognize it better. Also, unlike its predecessor, it scales and isn't visible in preview mode or on live pages.


The changelog reflects minor improvements and bugfixes that were made in addition to the changes listed above.


Minor improvements

  • We updated MediumEditor to version 5.15.0.
  • Many users were baffled by the Content Browser's multi-selection mode when opened via the Scrivito panel. So the Content Browser now always opens in single selection mode. Thanks for letting us know!


  • The properties dialogs now use the description_for_editor method of the object class concerned. Previously, the class names were displayed as they were.
  • A bug that prevented uploading very large files has been fixed.
  • The SDK now validates the names of custom attributes of CMS object classes, applying the same rules as the CMS backend does. This causes violations related to naming to be reported directly by the SDK and thus in a more timely fashion.
    The validation rules read like this: “Custom attribute names must start with a lowercase ASCII letter, subsequent characters may also be digits or underscores. Also, attribute names must not be longer than 50 characters and must not be ‘id’.”
  • We fixed a problem with faceted searches. “MyPage.all.facet(…)” erroneously threw a “Scrivito::ClientError: Search request is too complex.”
  • The buttons for removing strings from a string list are now properly styled.
  • A bug that prevented using the scrivito_path and scrivito_url helpers from an isolated engine has been fixed.