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Scrivito 1.0.0 Release Notes

No new features were added to Scrivito since version 0.90.0 was released.

What does it mean for Scrivito to be 1.0?

Breaking changes

  • We finally removed the support for the scrivito_reload JS event we deprecated some time ago. Please refer to the release notes of version 0.40.0 for details.


  • Removed an obsolete parameter, clip, from the image transformation documentation.

Heads up! Internal changes to routing

Scrivito 1.0 contains some refactorings to the way the Scrivito routing works internally. There was no change to the public API, but some users reported problems caused by hardcoded CMS object IDs in the “routes.rb” file of their application. This may lead to a missing @obj. The solution is to not hardcode IDs into “routes.rb” but to use a before_action to explicitly load the @obj as needed.

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