Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» White Paper
Measurable Success - White Paper

The JavaScript Web Development Revolution

Whether you’re building web applications in your organization or you’re focussed on how technology impacts your business objectives, we’ve produced an eBook, which will shape your overall approach to web development.

We’re dedicated to providing high-quality insights and information you can actually use. This is a guide and playbook for your reference, which we hope you’ll use to inform your development decisions throughout the year ahead. 

Is your organization harnessing the power of the latest web technologies?

Legacy technologies are still used by many companies, but they are often costly to maintain, have endless limitations and could be responsible for the painful days when your developers start their next sprint - out of your company.

The performance metrics of a web application are no longer simply the volume of consumer interactions. The core metrics we use today are centered around user experience, speed and performance across a growing number of devices.

Aside from the impact to the consumer or end user, it’s essential to factor in the internal resources required to develop and maintain core web applications. Now with more organisations adopting an agile approach to development, our applications are ever changing and fluid experiences. The technologies we choose to drive these applications can create or remove huge obstacles in our development cycle, which often directly impacts business performance.

In our eBook you will discover -

+ The evolution of development and how this has impacted developers and end users.

+ The shift to serverless computing, its benefits and how a traditional barrier to web development has been lifted.

+ How and why JavaScript and ReactJS have changed the process of development and how this affects your business.

+ How to effectively manage the security of your web applications by integrating specific frameworks.

+ How to manage SEO with the latest web technologies to ensure you are maximising the opportunity for organic search traffic.

Our eBook on the revolution of technologies is an essential read for all involved in building for the web.