Honey, I shrunk the search response times

100% faster search response times

In the last weeks we've deployed two new releases into production which results in a massive search speed-up for all our customers.

Scrivito's internal search engine, which utilitizes on Elasticsearch, has been massively optimized. Through two separate deployments, we were able to make our search twice as fast: Usually our backend answered to search queries in about 40ms – after our optimizations we're now answering your requests in 20ms.

And keep in mind that this doesn't only affect free text searches by your customers: the search functionality is used in a wide range of use cases within the SDK, so this leads to a general speed-up of nearly all operations.

Additionally, the SDK always caches your search queries, so consecutive searches with the same parameters will be even faster.

You don't have to upgrade anything on your side – it just works (we love these kind of improvements, don't we?).

Faster uploads worldwide for CDN customers

We've also introduced a massive speed-up for editors who are uploading files to Scrivito for all our customers. As we're now using the new S3 Transfer Acceleration from Amazon Web Services, you'll see up to 200% faster uploads. AWS has set up a comparison speedtest page, where you can test the performance improvements impacts.

And again: If you're on a CDN plan, you don't have to do anything – again, it just works. Isn't that great news?

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