Scrivito is proudly made by JustRelate Group in Berlin, Germany, and Wrocław, Poland.
Scrivito is proudly made by JustRelate Group

Everyone’s Talking About Jamstack, But What Does it Mean?

You’ve probably heard a lot about Jamstack recently 

as it is one of web development’s great buzzwords in 2019. And you maybe don’t know that our enterprise CMS Scrivito is based on this architecture.

So what exactly is Jamstack?

According to JAMstack is “a modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup”. Still quite confusing, right? Keep on reading then!

Jamstack is NOT about specific technologies: operating systems, web servers, backend programming languages, or databases; but rather an alternative approach to building digital products.

JAMstack, full of jam

What makes a website or web app Jamstack?

In order to follow Jamstack architecture, website or web application needs to fulfil the following three requirements:

J for JavaScript - dynamic code is handled by JavaScript on the client-side (in browser).

for APIs - all actions requiring server-side processing are handled via APIs.

M for Markup - markup code is prebuilt during deployment.

What are the benefits of using a Jamstack CMS like Scrivito?

Ok, so you now know what Jamstack is and wonder “What’s in it for me? Why should I care?”. Below are the top 4 benefits of Jamstack architecture:

  • Better performance - pages can be/are pre-built during deployment, nothing is faster than static pages accessed over a fast content delivery network (CDN). 
  • Higher security - static content is much more secure than full application code on a server. Microservices APIs are not an interesting point of attacks for hackers as they give very limited access. 
  • Improved scaling - serving static files facilitates scaling (which is done super-fast and automatically by the way), 
  • better developer experience - your developers can focus on the front-end, not on infrastructure management, which will make them more productive and also happier.

When should you use a Jamstack, headless CMS like Scrivito?

No tool is for everyone, so you’re probably wondering when such a solution is the best to choose. Below are the three top reasons to choose it:

  • When you want to adopt an omnichannel content strategy and create content for multiple devices and end-points, not just your website.
  • When you want to leverage all the benefits of a true SaaS solution provided as a cloud service.
  • When you want to have full control of the rendering and implementation of your content.

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