Scrivito is proudly made by JustRelate Group in Berlin, Germany, and Wrocław, Poland.
Scrivito is proudly made by JustRelate Group

E-Commerce Meets Content: Announcing the Scrivito CMS Integration with Solidus

Solidus (formerly Spree Commerce) is an excellent e-commerce platform for Ruby on Rails, which is available for free on GitHub. It is a Rails engine and provides a scalable, stable, and highly customizable platform for online commerce. Thousands of stores – from small to big – are using Solidus to serve their customers.

E-commerce platform for Ruby on Rails

When running a store, nowadays it becomes more and more important to not just present your products in a storefront but rather do content marketing for it. Creating landing pages for categories of products, writing a blog featuring the newest and best-selling articles and providing how-to guides and tips is vital to great SEO rankings on Google – and sometimes the only way to assert oneself in a highly competitive market.

As great and powerful Solidus is for running a store, it definitely lacks Content Management (CMS) capabilities for crafting beautiful content without technical know-how. Creating the homepage, landing pages, category pages and a blog is simply hard in Solidus – because it wasn't built for it.

Scrivito – the perfect CMS for Solidus

Integration of Scrivito and Solidus in action: a blog post enriched with products

Scrivito is the best CMS solution for Ruby on Rails. By delivering WYSIWYG editing, large asset management support, collaboration features, plus all the benefits of the cloud, Scrivito is simply the best-equipped Ruby CMS on the market today.

We think that Solidus is the best e-commerce platform for Rails, and that's why we created an integration guide. Using this guide, you can easily integrate Scrivito's awesome CMS functionality with Solidus, allowing you to seamlessly blend content and commerce.

This means that you can run Scrivito and Solidus combined in the same Rails application, allowing you to have two types of pages:

  • Product and category pages, completely controlled by Solidus or enriched with content managed with Scrivito
  • Content pages, controlled by Scrivito and enriched with products from Solidus by using Scrivitos revolutionary widget technology.

Such pages can be created by your marketing team, without any technical or HTML know-how. They'll just create content via WYSIWYG directly on your store site and rearrange components such as headlines, running text, images, etc., and Solidus products using drag-and-drop.

You can complete the integration within 30 minutes – just sign up for Scrivito using our 30 days free trial and follow our integration guide.

To discover why Scrivito should be your choice for a Ruby on Rails CMS for Solidus, fill out the registration form below and start your free trial now.

The integration with Solidus was developed collaboratively with our partner Resolve Digital from San Francisco. They're specialized in building, optimizing and maintaining stores with Solidus (and its predecessor SpreeCommerce) and happy to help you with your Scrivito integration, in case you're already a Solidus/Spree user. Check out our partner page for contact details.