Scrivito’s Cookie Usage

In this overview, we provide the names of the domains our services are using, including the purposes of the cookies involved. The services covered here are:

  • Scrivito’s backend
  • The dashboard at
  • JustRelate’s identity and access management
  • The in-place editing interface (UI)
  • Our website
  • A Scrivito web application as seen by website visitors does not use cookies unless visitor authentication has been enabled, or third-party services requiring cookies have been included in the app.


Cookie purposes


JustRelate IAM authentication,
OpenID Connect session during OAuth login of an editor,
Scrivito User ID after logging in (required throughout the browser session),
Dashboard user identification for the backend,
UI context, e.g. current working copy, editing mode (also for customer domain).
Third-party cookies: Stripe, Intercom. See also our privacy policy.


Identity and access management,
IAM authentication flow,
Third-party cookies: Auth0