Meet the Scrivito JavaScript SDK v1.0

Today marks a new horizon for Scrivito as we’ve taken the leap over to JavaScript and added another product to our lineup, we’re very excited to release our JavaScript version 1.0 into the world. Start experiencing the full power of what Scrivito with ReactJS can deliver for your websites. This means you can now leverage the many benefits this technology provides.

What are the main highlights of this release?

100% serverless

You no longer need to even think about servers when building for the web. Your Scrivito-based website is deployed as a static SPA. Just build and publish, no servers required here.

Zero maintenance

Scrivito makes your life simple by removing servers you have to manage, so there is zero maintenance required. You can focus on building and growing your business… not handling outages, upgrading servers, backing up data and the hundreds of other tasks involved in using legacy servers to host your websites.

Unprecedented security

Scrivito delivers unprecedented security for your websites by using cutting edge technologies. Security vulnerabilities, constant patching and associated activities , putting your websites at risk, are a thing of the past. Just build and let Scrivito defend you.

Better for your editors, better for your developers, better for your business. v1.0 is the start of a journey to create the best web editing experience for your editors, and offers more flexibility for your developers, enabling you and your business to leverage the power of these cutting edge web technologies. We’re excited for you to give Scrivito v1.0 a try to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback. You can contact the Scrivito team anytime!