Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» White Paper
Measurable Success - White Paper

Better for the Enterprise

Ready-to-use enterprise SaaS CMS that is provided as a software service on world-class infrastructure

When your team needs a trusted CMS solution that just works, you don’t need to look any further than Scrivito. Scrivito is the Web Content Management solution to look for when you require a flexible, reliable and secure foundation for your websites – no matter where your visitors are in the world.

Our cloud-based CMS service enables you to create websites of any size – from landing pages to multinational corporate websites with thousands of pages – in a more cost-effective and faster way than with any other CMS solution on the market today.

At the same time, with Scrivito’s lean development approach with reusable components, your project stays on time, on scope and within budget. And because Scrivito is the only 100% native cloud CMS, you don’t need to worry about security, scalability and availability. No matter where your team members are in the world – it just works. Ask our happy Scrivito customers!

Why is all that? Here are three reasons

1Your site can be up and running within minutes

Scrivito has been built from scratch as a native cloud service. Compared to others that simply host individual installations of CMS software, Scrivito saves you a lot of time when setting up a project, not to mention in the course of the project. Need another CMS instance? It’s just one click in your account settings. No installation hassles, no more worries about database setup, MySQL replication, search engine indexing, backups, correct header metadata for image caching, etc. Just create your new project within Scrivito and you’re good to go. We’ll handle the rest, so you can focus on building your site without worrying about the necessary infrastructure.

But beyond that – it’s based on JavaScript technology, so Scrivito is 100% extensible and customizable to your needs, unlike other website builders with their fixed set of features. In other words, you dictate the rules, not the other way around.

Enterprise web CMS Scrivito offers a powerful and user-friendly WYSIWYG interface

2Serverless means zero maintenance, and security out of the box

The problem with all traditional legacy CMSs is that you need to install them on a server. That server will be a popular target for hackers, who repeatedly scan hundreds of thousands of unpatched CMS installations right after a security exploit comes out – in the middle of the night, while you are sleeping. For most CMSs, there are hundreds of these exploits a year, not including any plugins. So that means, you’d need to patch your installation every week – if you can, because that sometimes even breaks plugins. In short: it’s a mess.

So what’s the solution? Since servers are the problem, just get rid of them. That’s exactly what we did.

With Scrivito, web pages are generated on the client side. For this, we effectively deliver HTML and JavaScript files, but you don’t need any server. All the data comes from our secure backend, which our team is constantly monitoring, managing and developing to ensure your site is always safe, secure and available – so we’re doing all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

In short: thanks to our secure, serverless approach, we eliminate the need for constant patching and updating. Scrivito is zero maintenance – your site just works.

3Don’t worry about scalability and availability

Scrivito runs on the world-class infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your data is safe and secure – for high availability and data durability, your data is stored in at least three geographically distributed data centers. No other standard CMS can say that.

Your videos and images will be automatically delivered through our built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN). Your data is not only highly available but is also distributed to more than 60 so-called edge locations worldwide, which keep a copy of your content geographically as close to your users as possible. This greatly reduces page load times. So the delivery of your content – especially of large HD videos – will be as fast as possible.

Concerned about setup time? Relax! It doesn’t take a second. You just start using it, and it’s super fast, right out of the box.

Enterprise web CMS Scrivito runs on AWS infrastructure

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