Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» White Paper
Measurable Success - White Paper

Better for the Development Team

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to serverless, cloud-based Content Management System

Why live life on someone else’s terms when you can make up your own rules? Scrivito is the most flexible Web Content Management solution on the market today that makes the lives of web design and development teams easier, more productive and efficient.

Scrivito is the first CMS which is solely based on JavaScript and ReactJS, built upon the JAMstack principle. This provides a way to create websites far more efficiently than ever before. Thanks to Scrivito’s client-side rendering technology, you don’t need any heavy-lifting backend development to create and deploy your site.

Unlike typical website builders, there are no constraints within Scrivito: you can implement any custom requirements, thanks to Scrivito’s widgets. Think of it like page components (similar to ReactJS) which you can develop once and then deploy to all the editors. They can then use these components in our WYSIWYG editing and drag them around on a page. It can be as easy as a Headline or a Text widget, but also more sophisticated like a CRM integration for lead generation or integration with other back-end systems.

Scrivito already comes with ready-to-use examples including many widgets. Need a new widget component which wasn’t included in our examples? Your can develop new widgets in only a couple of minutes and make them available to all of your team instantly. With Scrivito, you are not limited to simple data structures – our unique cloud architecture allows you to create or change page types and their fields on the fly. In other words, you dictate the rules, not the other way around.

Last but not least, your websites run on a whole new level of service, stability and security right out of the box thanks to our built-in technologies, like CDN support, SEO-friendly static page pre-rendering or dynamic image resizing for faster rendering on mobile devices.

JAMstack-powered serverless technology

Thanks to our client-side rendering of web pages, we effectively deliver pre-rendered HTML and JavaScript files, but you don’t need a server. All the data comes from our secure backend, which our team is constantly monitoring, managing and developing to ensure your site is always safe, secure and available – so we’re doing all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. Thanks to that, we also eliminate the need for constant patching and updating. Scrivito is zero maintenance meaning your site just works.

As Scrivito is the only 100% cloud-based CMS which offers a yet unprecedented level of extensibility, your client’s websites are always available, scalable and secure, ensuring your peace of mind even in the middle of the night. So you can finally go ahead and get some real rest when you know everything is secure.

And unlike other JAMstack site generators, Scrivito is easy to use for editors, thanks to its WYSIWYG editing technology. We call it a headless CMS with a head.

Say goodbye to your staging servers

When developing with traditional CMSs – we like to call them legacy – for testing larger changes, you often need to maintain not one installation but two or more: Development, Staging, and Production. So you have to set up some kind of staging system, and you can be sure there won’t be any synchronization between the contents.

With Scrivito, there’s a solution for that, thanks for our unique Working Copies. It’s much like a branch in a version control system like Git. The currently published content is the master, and for any changes to be made, an editor creates a branch.

And if you automate changes – which is super easy thanks to our well-documented JavaScript SDK – to reorganize large portions of the content, or to import content from another CMS, you can always test your script as often as you want to. Create a working copy, run the script, check the result. Ready for prime time? Publish the working copy. Found an error? Delete the working copy, fix your script, and start fresh.

Great documentation

We are developers, just like you. So we hate documentation, which is hard-to-find, outdated and not easy to understand. Our dedicated documentation team makes sure, that the Scrivito SDK, which comes as an npm package, is always up to date in terms of documentation:

Our documentation section section contains easy-to-understand, hands-on Developer Guides, a more in-depth Developer Documentation and a comprehensive SDK API Documentation.

Want to save time? There’s also a handy cheat sheet available. And if you’ve got more questions, our support always got you covered. We’re always happy to chat with you.

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