Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» White Paper
Measurable Success - White Paper

JAMstack for Web Projects - White Paper

Faster, More Secure and Easier Web Projects

Jamstack for Web Projects

The Jamstack approach has several key advantages over the traditional server infrastructure. It enables higher performance, improves security, lowers costs, scales more easily, and delivers a better user experience. Download our free white paper to find out more about the revolutionary architecture and learn how Scrivito is using it to make our customers' web projects successful.

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From the paper: Introduction

The new challenge for web projects

The static HTML pages of the early years have now become dynamic web applications. Instead of a simple server infrastructure, a complex network of databases, business services, video services and caching procedures is processed. The more complex this network of procedures is, the more cumbersome the performance is. It also means the maintenance effort becomes greater and the sources of interference and the areas open to attack that need to be secured increase.
E-commerce functionalities, mobile applications, product selection configurators, appointment coordination functions, language assistant integration and complete online contracting are all typical requirements today. For this, a large number of different content pools, product information, and CRM and ERP systems must be integrated with ever larger volumes of information. The application logic is integrated into the website and connected to processes in the backoffice. Subsequent processing steps need to be automated even further.

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